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      National Academy of Internal Affairs within the scope of its authority cooperates with foreign law enforcement educational establishments on the basis of cooperation agreements signed by its representatives. These agreements provide opportunity for exchange of experience concerning theoretical and practical issues, participation in scientific conferences and seminars, exchange of teaching and research staff, as well as educational materials, analyzing the experience in training, research and practical study.

      Our educational establishment maintains intensive cooperation with Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, “Stefan cel Mare” Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Turkish National Police Academy, Police Command and Staff Academy of the Federal Republic of Germany etc.

      In 1993 Academy initiated the establishment of cooperation with the Bavarian State Police (the Federal Republic of Germany) maintained through the financial and technical support provided by the Ukrainian agency of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung within the framework of interagency cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bavarian State. The abovementioned cooperation is maintained in the following forms:

      - international conferences and seminars involving foreign experts held in Ukraine;

      - practical training of permanent and non-permanent staff of our educational establishment in Bavarian Police of Readiness departments.

      Ukrainian agency of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung also actively promotes the national concept of police law branch development including support of the multivolume “International Police Encyclopedia” publication. It is the first and only edition of this specific type in the world.

      During last few years our Academy was visited by representatives of different foreign agencies, organizations and establishments such as the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, OSCE, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, INTERPOL, US State Department, FBI, US Secret Service, National Gendarmerie of France, Security Academy of Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Police Academy in Szczytno (Poland), Nizhniy Novgorod Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, etc.

      In 2006 our Academy established the humanitarian project «Arcobaleno I.P.A.», supported and promoted by the Italian section of International Police Association (Cervia, Italy) aimed to organize recreational trips for students of Yaroslav Kondratiev Juridical Lyceum (National Academy of Internal Affairs).

      National Academy of Internal Affairs is regularly hosting international scientific and training seminars, meetings and conferences involving teaching staff, researchers, post-graduates, cadets and students of other Ukrainian law enforcement educational establishments and law enforcement agencies. Foreign experts and trainers are also invited to take part in these events.

      The important role in the process of exchanging experience with our foreign colleagues is played by the specialists of the Academy invited for participation in foreign international conferences and seminars. Researchers and trainers gain valuable knowledge which is thoroughly analyzed for the future implementation in the training process and research activities, preparation of teaching programs, manuals, lectures and research materials.

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N E W S      A R C H I V E
June 2017
1. 08.06.2017 Expanding the international cooperation Recently representatives of NAIA took part in annual rhetoric contest «Cicero–2017» organized by the Academy of MIA of Republic of Belarus Head of Legal Record Management Department Nataliia Stratulat, 3rd year cadets Yaroslav Samarskyi and Kateryna Solodenko (Institute №2).
1. 13.06.2017 Meeting with US police officers At the initiative of Associate Professor (Foreign Languages Department) Mariia Levishchenko and Special Peacekeeping Training Center our cadets were introduced to US police instructors John, Joseph and Samantha representing Washington and Alaska (members of joint team of World Bank Security Department).
1. 19.06.2017 International seminar with the participation of Bavarian experts National Academy of Internal Affairs with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation Office in Ukraine launched international seminar on law enforcement training methodology with the participation of Bavarian experts, representatives of NAIA and MoI of Ukraine.
1. 26.06.2017 Working visit to Strasbourg Delegation of National Academy of Internal Affairs headed by Rector Volodymyr Cherniei paid a visit to Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France).